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There's 3 days left until Christmas and Santa is getting ready to leave DZG

3 days to go. . .

22 December 2014
It’s been a busy few weeks in the courtyard as hundreds of excited children have passed through to visit Santa in his grotto in the...
Leanne Murrell and Alex Mathers from Gloucester became DZG keepers for the day

Leanne's fabulous 30th

22 December 2014
Leanne Murrell’s friends knew the perfect present for her 30th birthday – so they clubbed together to buy her a DZG Keeper...
Byron Crane from Tamworth now wants a pet tapir after meeting DZG's trio!

Byron's tapir wish

21 December 2014
Animal mad, Byron Crane, spent his eighth birthday as a DZG Little Zoo Keeper and now wants a pet tapir after meeting our...
DZG's Nick gets 18th birthday treat

Buttering up birthday boy!

21 December 2014
Keepers knew the perfect present to give babirusa Nick as he celebrated his 18th birthday – peanut butter...

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At the heart of Dudley Zoo the ruins of an 11th century castle and the world's largest single collection of Tectons offer a glimpse of times past.

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