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sand castle enrichment for meerkats at DZG

Sand blast for mob!

1 November 2014
Life’s a beach for DZG's 18-strong meerkat mob . . . Not a grain was wasted when a one-ton load of...
DZG keeper Harley Hunt marks Hallowe'en with one of the lads from Lemur Wood

Pumpkins aplenty

31 October 2014
The spirit of Hallowe'en is alive and kicking at DZG, where there’s been pumpkins aplenty providing tasty treats for...
Sumatran tiger Daseep

Tiger Tales: Daseep's Blog

31 October 2014
Hi Everyone, I'm all set for a fang-tastic Hallowe’en with some spooky blood ice lollies! Those keepers of mine have...
Senior Curator, Derek Grove, represented DZG at the EAZA Annual Conference

DZG joins EAZA meet

30 October 2014
Senior Curator, Derek Grove, represented DZG at the EAZA (European Association of Zoos and Aquariums) Annual Conference at Budapest Zoo...

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