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DZG male Patagonian sealion, Orry who died today July 30 2014

Death of Orry

30 July 2014
It is with great sadness that we announce the death of DZG's male Patagonian sealion, Orry. The 22-year-old was a great...
DZG celebrates 37,000 Facebook likes july 30 2014

37,000 FB Likes!

30 July 2014
Great big thanks to everyone who pressed that Facebook button and got us to 37,000 amazing likes! Me and the lads in Lemur Wood want...
DZG's new Presenter Dorrie Hall makes friends with Shadow the ferret

Hello, Dorrie!

30 July 2014
DZG's newest Presenter is quickly making friends with residents in the Discovery Centre. Twenty-three-year-old Dorrie...
Final piece of scaffolding is removed from DZG's Tecton entrance

Tecton wraps are off!

30 July 2014
The final piece of scaffolding has been removed from DZG's Tecton entrance as the iconic wave structure is restored to its 1937 glory...

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